Personal Learning story

“ Don’t be afraid to do anything, just do it!”

Making a worksite was my first assignment, which surprised me at the beginning of the semester. I never created a website before, so I felt so nervous that I would screw up the assignment.

But after I watched the video demo that kate provided, I felt more…

First, I check the project description to get the timeline and the challenge; then, I write down the business proposal.

The most exciting part is adjusting the order of the process. The case study is a kind of storytelling, it should have the beginning, the highlight, and the end, and…

About Project

Design a vending machine business and use systems thinking to understand and design the system.

4 weeks (Nov 5 — Nov 30)

Systems thinking, secondary research, personas, journey maps, systems diagrams, visual design, presentation

Figma, Mural, Keynote, Quick Time Player, Premire Pro

Business Proposal

Identify Problem & Research

Yongming Peng

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